After Trump was elected back in the day, I was horrified / shocked and would wake up every morning and doom scroll before getting ready for work. There was a lot of coverage of all the terrible things Trump was doing and thinking about the potential long-term effects of his actions frightened me. He was messing with institutions. He was locking up children. He was stocking the courts with conservatives. He was rolling back environmental legislation. He was banning Muslims and flaming hatred towards minorities, etc.

A few months in to 2017, I was struck by how one time at…

It was 8pm and dark outside. The circus was empty except for the animals in their respective cages, and 15- year-old Utajirii was crouched near the tiger cage closest to the dress room tent. Two performers wandered by chatting animatedly about the day’s events. Earlier that afternoon, a crate of carrots had exploded outside the horse feeding grounds. Utajiri did feel a little foolish — she had been in charge of bringing dynamite to the performer The Exploding Ivankovich and she had tripped and dropped them in the mud. At that point it was better to light them and dump…

Chai 4 all

Mix of fiction and non-fiction.

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